goodbye to you

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‘Goodbye to You,’ by Patty Smith & Scandal

I’ve been having some very interesting and hysterically funny conversations with Holy Spirit lately. Conversations that are way over on the lighter side. I must need them.
So. This morning, I go downstairs to throw in a load of laundry. I did start the coffee first. #yesihaveaclue

I’m in the kitchen and this old song starts playing my head. What?!?!

It was, ‘Goodbye to You,’ by Patty Smyth & Scandal. Now, I haven’t had even a drop of caffeine hit my lips yet, and I began to howl in laughter.

Today is the day I’m dumping a bagful of things I do not want to have any attachment to, no memory of, and they most certainly will NOT have any room in my future. #BAM #IamSOdone

I took a sucker punch this week from someone who had nothing better to do than poke the bear one last time. Holy Spirit highlighted this incident to me, too. “It’s okay to be mad,” He said, while I landed an air kick to someone’s imaginary backside, laughing all the while.

Chuck Norris Kickin It

I also had 4 inches of old hair cut off this week. I’d had an inch taken off last month, but I still couldn’t comb through the ends without endless tangles and frustration. Did the Lord show me some stuff in this? Absolutely. My tangled hair represented all manner of things that needing cutting off. #yesimpreachinghere #doyougetthis #whatdoyouseeinyourownlife

I also have territory to take back. Maybe you do, too. This can be a little tricky, and maybe a little painful. You have to press through it. But this is what He said: “The new memories you make in these places will dissipate the old ones until there is no more memory of the old ones.” I nodded. Yep. That works just fine. I can walk that out.

I love how the Lord will use ANY music to help me see something and move through it with grace. He’s not afraid of my feelings and He’s using different media to pull up old emotions so certain memories can be healed.

If you’ve got anything, be it physical or emotional, that you need to kick to the curb or take to the trash or Goodwill today, this song might motivate you.

I’m telling you, people, don’t allow yourself to be entangled with anything that will slow you down. Ever.

You made to be FREE. Childlike.

I have a friend who hums Sesame Street songs on a regular basis. I LOVE this. It’s delightful.

Last night, I was sitting outside after swimming enjoying the big, tall Douglas firs in the park, getting my joy back, and Holy Spirit pipes up again. “It wouldn’t hurt you to learn a couple of Sesame Street songs, either.” I shook my head and started to laugh. That’s one of my assignments for the day. Me, YouTube and Sesame Street.

Be on the look out. You might find me humming Sesame Street tunes on a sidewalk near you.

Sesame Street Muppets Mahna Mahna

with love, freedom and silliness from Portland


(Copyright Laurie Hilgers 2016)

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  1. Lady the Fearless says:

    It’s ok to be mad. AMEN. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to hmmmmmmm… XD

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